Jim’s Best Oregano

Plant Specifications

Oreganum vulgaria. Half Day Sun. Perennial. Height: 6-8”
A low growing, bushy, variegated plant. Prefers a well-drained soil. Does well in a container.

In the Garden

Jim’s Best is a trailing oregano that will “spill” over the side of a pot so it will look great in a hanging basket or a mixed herb pot. The golden color in the leaves help break up the green foliage of other plants in your garden. Plant Jim’s Best Oregano in well drained soil with plenty of sun but be careful not to overwater it.

Plant Uses

Jim’s Best Oregano makes a great addition to your garden and your kitchen. The variegated leaves of this plant are unlike any other oregano and the uniqueness of this plant will set your herb garden apart. The trailing nature of this plant look great in a combination pot or in a hanging basket. Although it’s not as popular in the kitchen as Italian or Greek Oregano, the leaves have a good flavor and taste great in your favorite Italian dish.