Gorizia Rosemary

<h3>Plant Specifications</h3> Rosmarinus Officinalis ‘G’. Perennial. Full Sun. Height: 4’ tall spreading out to 4’ wide. A large rosemary with clusters of large green needles on very thick stems. Blooms in Spring and Fall with large blue flowers. <h3>In the Garden</h3> An attractive, sturdy shrub in the garden, it is a popular and easy-to-grow rosemary. …

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Collingswood Rosemary

<h3>Plant Specifications</h3> Rosmarinus Officinalis ‘Collingswood.’ Perennial. Full Sun. Height: 3’ – 4’. Width: up to 2’ – 3’ An intermediate upright shrub with long pink/red stems. <h3>In the Garden</h3> Beautiful in the garden because of its unusual pink stems and light blue lavender flowers. Trim back stems after blooming to encourage new growth. Rosemarys will …

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Blue Boy Rosemary

<h3>Plant Specifications</h3> Rosemarinus officinalis cv. ‘Blue Boy’. Full Sun. Perennial. Height: 16” A sturdy, heat and drought resistant evergreen, it is one of the tiniest of the rosemarys. Fragrant, green narrow lobed leaves make way for showy pale blue flowers in mid summer. <h3>In the Garden</h3> A tiny rosemary among giants, Blue Boy is a …

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Arp Rosemary

<h3>Plant Specifications</h3> Rosmarinus Officinalis. Hardy Perennial. Full Sun. Height: An upright shrub with gray-green needles. Arp was introduced by Madalene Hill of Hilltop Herb Farm in Cleveland, Tex., who discovered it growing behind a house in Arp, Tex., in 1972. Blooms are small, pale lavender flowers. <h3>In the Garden</h3> Not recommended for containers, instead this …

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Rule of Thumb: Rosemarys prefer outside and fresh air and does not do well indoors. Rosemarys generally need lots of light and little water. – Mary Dunford