Arp Rosemary

<h3>Plant Specifications</h3>
Rosmarinus Officinalis. Hardy Perennial. Full Sun. Height:
An upright shrub with gray-green needles. Arp was introduced by Madalene Hill of Hilltop Herb Farm in Cleveland, Tex., who discovered it growing behind a house in Arp, Tex., in 1972.
Blooms are small, pale lavender flowers.
<h3>In the Garden</h3>
Not recommended for containers, instead this rosemary prefers a sandy, rocky and well drained soil, perfect for outdoor gardens. The most winter-hardy of the rosemarys, Arp will survive to minus 10 degrees, if treated right, and grow to five feet high and just as wide where winters hover around zero. Thanks to Madalene Hill’s efforts, this rosemary is now cultivated and enjoyed in many herb gardens throughout the United States.
<h3>Plant Uses</h3>
Rosemary has numerous culinary uses, in particular with meat and poultry, stews and pasta dishes.