Berggarten Sage

Plant Specifications

Salvia Officinalis cv. ‘Berggarten’. Perennial. Full Sun. Height 10” – 12”
A small sage that grows into a low-growing mound with large wide, oval leaves.

In the Garden

Berggarten translates into ‘mountain garden’ and the bright green growth of the new leaves becomes soft downy gray older growth. Berggarten Sage Plants are a beautiful variety with the same flavor as common sage but bred not to flower, so that leaf production will not stop. It rarely blooms, but this helps to extend its life. Trim often by taking 3 or 4 inches of new growth when you harvest.

Plant Uses

Another superb culinary herb for uses in just about anything culinary: Vegetables, Stews, Soups, Meats and particularly Fish and poultry. Great for blending with Cheeses, Olive Oil and Breads.