Aussie Sweetie Tricolor Basil

Plant Specifications

Ocimum xcitriodorum Annual Full Sun Height: 2′-3′

In the Garden

Aussie Sweetie Tricolor does not produce flowers. The leaves have three different colors: green, light green, and white, hence the name ‘tricolor. This basil will do best if you plant it in your garden instead of a container. It likes the full sun but is not drought tolerant so keep it watered. This basil likes the heat and warm soil as long as it gets enough water. It requires moderately rich soil and will grow to a height of 2-3 feet. Although it is an annual, this basil can make it through a mild winter.

Plant Uses

Aussie Sweetie Tricolor has a very sweet flavor with a slight cinnamon taste. It is slightly milder than regular Aussie Sweetie. The leaves are small so it requires a lot more time to gather enough for a pesto but it is great in salads and in tomato sauces. Add the leaves during the last few minutes of the cooking process for best results because the leaves are very tender.