Spice Island Rosemary

Plant Specifications

Rosemarinus officinalis ‘Spice Island’. Perennial. Full Sun. Height: up to 36”.
A gorgeous rosemary with dramatic presence in the garden, lush and tall upright spikes of thick green that bloom dark blue flowers.

In the Garden

The story goes that this Rosemary has so much flavor that it was named for the famed Spice Islands Spice Company. Its scent is complex, with a hint of cloves and nutmeg. It has an intense flavor wonderful for cooking and beautiful foliage for the garden. It is deer resistant, drought resistant and repels flies outdoors and moths indoors. Spice Island also does well in pots and containers. As with all other Rosemarys, it prefers rocky, well drained soil and can handle the heat in South Texas.

Plant Uses

Use with meats, potatoes, and herbed breads. This is a frequently used culinary Rosemary, its intense flavor combines beautifully with Lamb and Garlic. Great for using the stems as shiskabobs.