Provencal Thyme

Plant Specifications

Thymus vulgaris, ‘Provencal’ A cold weather hardy thyme. Height: 14” Spreads up to a Width 24”
A woody, upright growing thyme with grey-green arrowhead leaves on intertwining stems.
(Tom DeBaggio selected this variety for its strong aroma.)

In the Garden

The way this thyme grows, with its twisting branches, are great for cutting and use for arrangements, as well as in Mediterranean cooking. This thyme does well in various types of soil, but still needs to be well-drained.

Plant Uses

Highly recommended for culinary use since it is from the Provence region strong flavor for cooking. This thyme is a nice woody thyme for fresh arrangements with fragrance, a terrific Mediterranean flavor that is distinct and stronger in its oil. Fantastic for cooking in meats and great for olive oil dips. Superb for use in flatbreads.