Majorica Pink Rosemary

Plant Specifications

Rosemarinus prostrate rosea ‘Roseus’. Perennial. Full Sun. Height 24-36”
A stiff, upright, tender Rosemary with blooms of a pink color against pale green foliage.
A refreshing contrast to the usual blue-violet blossoms of other Rosemarys.

In the Garden

Majorca tends to sprawl out and then up. Like other Rosemarys, it prefers a Mediterranean environment: lots of sun and rocky, well drained soil. The plant has a fragrance that is clean and mildly fruity. A tender Rosemary, the Majorica needs to be protected from freeze in the Winter.

Plant Uses

Another superb culinary herb for use in just about any recipe: Vegetables, Stews, Soups and Meats –
particularly lamb. Pairs beautifully with garlic.