Lemon Tabriz Basil

Plant Specifications

Sun to Partial Sun. Annual
This basil has a stronger lemon taste than Lemon or Lime Basil.
It grows taller and faster as well.

In the Garden

Lemon Tabriz basil grows great in a vegetable or flower garden. It grows very tall and fast and will quickly outgrow a container. It will not produce flowers as fast as other lemon or lime basils. When it does flower, trim them back to promote new leaf growth. It will do great in full or half-day sun and well drained soil. It is very forgiving to over or under watering.

Plant Uses

Mary Dunford received seeds for Lemon Tabriz from Kim Kirby and Madelyn Hill who were Mary’s long time friends. This basil has a true lemon flavor, unlike other Lemon basils which tend to taste more like cleaning chemicals. It has a very sweet lemon flavor with a little bit of spice at the end. It is great on fish, chicken, salads, tomatoes, and a lovely pesto.