Huntington Blue Carpet Rosemary

Plant Specifications

Rosemarinus officinalis ‘Huntington Blue Carpet’. Perennial. Full Sun. Height 10”
Spikes of blue flowers over dark green conifer-looking foliage. Intensely fragrant needle-like leaves have a distinctive pungent flavor. This cultivar of Rosemary originated in Huntington Botanical Garden in California.

In the Garden

Huntington’s upright, dark green carpet with fragrant foliage makes a great groundcover and needs little water. The rich blue flowers add striking color against the dark green leaves, decidedly different from the paler blues, pinks and white blooms of other Rosemarys. Drought resistant, Huntington Blue Carpet is another perfect Rosemary for the South Texas Garden. This Rosemary will also grow well in black clay gumbo soil.

Plant Uses

Excellent seasoning for meat, stew and tomato dishes. Superb for flavoring potato and baked goods such as bread
Try using the stems as skewers for lamb shishkabobs. This is another herb that pairs beautifully with garlic
Can be used for wreaths, potpourris, scents and infused oils.