Grey Santolina

Plant Specifications

Santonina chamaecyparissus. Hardy Perennial. Full Sun. Height: 12” – 18”
Also referred to as Ground Cypress and Petite Cypress.
Another beautiful and aromatic low-mounding bush. A woody plant with striking silver-gray leaves, resembling a pale fir tree with a pine scent. Flowers are tight yellow clusters of
small petals that resemble a ‘puffy ball.’

In the Garden

Does well in a rock gardens, especially on hillsides. Drought tolerant, it prefers a high and dry sunny location. Generally blooms in late Spring the second year of maturity. Trim back yellow flowers after blooming to encourage new growth.

Plant Uses

Used a lot in landscaping for borders or a single low show-off plant. Attractive to bees, butterflies and birds. The strong scent is excellent for repelling bugs in the garden. Deer resistant.