Garden Sage

Plant Specifications

Salvia officinalis. Perennial. Sun. Height 18” – 22”.
A silver leaf sage with cluster of pale violet and blue flowers.

In the Garden

From this sage come many of the other cultivars blended with greek sage to create Fruitcosa and Bath-Rosea varieties. This sage does well in containers, preferring its roots to a confined area. A small confined bed in the garden works just as well. We here at Nature’s Herb Farm treat this sage as an annual since it does not flourish in high humidity. Like most sages, it does not like its roots to sit in wet soil and prefers a low moisture environment.
Enjoy the blooms, but as soon as they fade trim them back and this will encourage more flowering.

Plant Uses

Also known as ‘common’ sage, this is one of the most popular sages for cooking and growing.