Fernleaf Lavender

Plant Specifications

Lavendula multifida. Half Day Sun. Tender Perennial. Height: 3’ Width 2.5’
Lacy, flat lobbed dark green leaves that fan like fern. A slight scented lavender that flowers periodically through
Spring and Fall with indigo purple tuffs on the ends of long spikes.

In the Garden

Fern Leaf Lavender requires a well drained soil and full sun. It doesn’t like wet feet so make sure you don’t overwater it. The flower spikes have three parts and resemble the shape of a trident. Prune this shrub-like perennial in the spring to promote additional growth and to keep the plant from developing woody stems. This lavender is drought resistant once it has an established root system.

Plant Uses

Fern Leaf Lavender, as its name might suggest, has leaves shaped like a fern. It is used for its oil, flowers, and strong lavender scent that is very relaxing and soothing. Use the fresh cut stems and flowers to make lavender wands which are braided bouquets that are placed in the home to add the wonderful lavender scent. When dried, the flowers will change in color from blue to brown so this isn’t the best lavender to dry.