Fern Leaf Dill

dill leaf

Plant Specifications

Anethum graveolens. Partial Sun. Annual. Height: 12-15”, Width: 10-12.”
Fernleaf dill is a dwarf, compact, upright plant with dark, finely divided foliage.
Flowers are beautiful umbrella-like yellow clusters of blossoms. Good for containers, perfect for the kitchen windowsill.

In the Garden

Fern Leaf Dill is strictly a spring and fall herb. It does not do well in the Texas summer because of the long hot days. Plant it in well drained soil with a half-day of sun. Swallowtail butterflies love this plant and you will notice caterpillars everywhere. The caterpillars will eat the foliage of the plant so take them off if you want to use the fresh leaves for cooking. Fern Leaf Dill is compact and low growing so it is ideal for growing in a container.

Plant Uses

Fern Leaf Dill is primarily used for its fresh foliage rather than its seeds. The fresh foliage is great on potatoes, seafood, vegetables, butters, cheeses, soups, and lamb chops. To harvest the fresh foliage, cut the leaves off close to the stem to promote additional growth. Fern Leaf Dill is slower to form flowers and seeds so if pickling seeds is what you are looking for then this might not be the Dill for you.