Plant Specifications

Chamaemelum nobile. Perennial. Full to Partial Sun. Height: up to 8” Width: 12”
Finely cut, feathery leaves with daisy-like, one inch flowers in late summer and autumn.

In the Garden

Prefers sandy, average, well-drained soil in a mostly sunny setting. Can sow seed directly into the garden in spring or autumn. Great for growing in containers. Harvest the leaves as needed, cut flowers the day they open and preserve by drying, keep for only one year.

Plant Uses

Use a flower infusion to prolong the life of fresh cut flowers. A tea infusion will aid internally with indigestion, nausea, fever, insomnia or menstrual cramps and externally as a rinse for blonde hair or dandruff, facial tonic, eye compress or in the bath. Caution: people allergic to ragweed may react to chamomile.